Treasurer of the Northwest Michigan Peer Network
presidentlocal646@gmail.com | 231-245-0445


Married - Dad to 3 plus 2 dogs - Outdoors addict - Firefighter since 2005 - EMS since 2004 - Experienced many work hardships - Coped with suicide of close friends - Still love the job and have learned to take less home.
My participation on the Northwest Michigan Peer Support Team is an effort to show my appreciation for my fellow public servants. We have an incredible opportunity to break down all boundaries to provide equal support to all first responder families. The fire culture is ripe for change and a reversal of troubling statistics.
If you read this you have access to more resources than you can imagine and a growing network of peers that will be there at a moment’s notice. We can eliminate the stigma and embrace a better way of handling personal/professional issues.