MI Prevention Program Manager/Firefighter | 616-560-4323


I have been in the fire service as a firefighter for 24 years, starting in Virginia 1996. I have also worked in the OR under Surgery/Trauma for 24 years throughout multiple hospitals, however just recently retired and now am the Program Manager for MI Prevention, a State Wide Fire Prevention Program for Michigan.

I am Divorced and have 5 total Children, 4 of which are grown adults. I personally have dealt with trauma, our fire calls and the multitude of calls that we go on for many many years and never faced major issues. However, like filling a glass vase with sand, overtime of "Doing my job" and never processing emotions, thoughts and feelings from the good and bad calls that we face life hit me hard with personal turmoil that overfilled that glass vase of mine. This turmoil that rocked my world last for 3 years and the hits kept coming without taking a breath. I woke up each morning with tasks, jobs and family checklists and I kept going strong with moving forward in silence. This silence led me to avoid all emotions which in turn, led to problems with my employer, spouse, children, friends and a multitude of coping skills like alcohol that we develop to get thru life without ending it. I then found the opportunity that I felt there was no other solution too and I attempted suicide. I did all of this without a single person aware of my personal destruction. I finally went through EMDR therapy, Trauma therapy and a year worth of touch base counseling that showed me how to cope, manage and deal with trauma. The importance of Self-Care is the true guidance towards healing.

Taking care of ourselves is a luxury we can not afford but rather a necessity we cannot IGNORE. I am here to answer your call anytime.