Captain/EMT | 231-313-7276


Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authority

Began career in 1989 as Explorer, 1991 as Volunteer, full-time since 2000.

I've been married to my favorite first bride, Nicole for 24 years. We have a beautiful 16 year old daughter, Emily, and an awesome 19 year young man Matthew who is engaged to his fiancé Reagan. We also have a black lab/whippet mix Sophie who is blind and two huge Bernese Mountain dogs K.C. (stand for King and Country christian band) and Bear!

Hobbies include: Spending time with family, going to my happy place campsites, and kayaking.

For the last two years I have been instructing at Lake Superior State University in Fire Science and have been honored to work with a wide variety of great new upcoming fire personnel.

I am always willing to listen and I feel that with my past experience of struggles and help that I’ve received over the many years, that I can in turn offer my assistance to someone else.

I've struggled with a lot of issues myself and I've seen my peers around me suffer with unhealthy coping ways. I have recently been trying to educate new recruits on 16 Life Safety Initiatives where we need to change our culture and help those in need.

We've got a great group of peers here... please know that you always have someone to talk to! My phone is always on and you can text or call.