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Clinician - True North Couseling | 231-342-5232

On my journey to becoming a therapist I found out early on that I had a desire to help others and serve my community. 

I joined the Marines at 22 years old while my friends were graduating from college. After 4 years in the Marines (1999-2003) I went to college and worked in a factory until I graduated with an Associates degree in criminal psychology from Davenport University and a Bachelors 

degree in Sociology from Central Michigan University. 

I moved to the Traverse City area with my new wife 13 years ago. I started my graduates degree while working full time and raising two young children. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2014 from Western Michigan University. 

Since obtaining my license to practice mental health therapy I have worked with Child and Family services, Munson ER, and now I have my own private practice, True North Counseling, where I utilize the woods behind my office to conduct walk and talk therapy. 


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The team at H&H comes highly recommended from multiple first responders and first responder family members. Call the office and they will recommend a clinician for you! If you are not satisfied with their clinicians, their staff will point you in the right direction, even if that direction is not at their office.

"We take our work seriously by providing up-to-date, evidence-based treatment within a supportive, professional relationship.  When people entrust us with their care, we are confident in providing services with the best science behind them. Research supports that a quality therapeutic relationship is as important at the methodology used. At Head and Heart Therapeutic Solutions, we know both elements must be in balance.  We think creatively about how to apply research-based treatments in the context of warm, authentic relationships."

Clinicians: Team Members
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